Worship of These 5 GODs to Get the Love You Want

God worship for love

Planetary constellations are usually responsible for a boy’s or a girl’s marriage, but often satisfying the love-affected deity may also give favorable results.


Kama means love, desire, desire and s*xuality. Dev means divine or heavenly. Kama is said to be in the Atharva Veda for desires and not for s*xual pleasure. Cupid is also compared to Greek god Eros. They are sometimes shown as the cupid prevalent in Western countries. Kamadeva is considered as the god who is responsible for our desires, love and lust. The young and beautiful Cupid is considered the son of Lord Brahma. He is called Manmadan or Kama.

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God Krishna

Krishna is the god of rasa and romance according to Hindu beliefs. He is also worshiped for love and spirit. The couple who worships Lord Krishna and Radha loves each other like Krishna-Radha throughout their life.


Goddess of love, hasrat, lust and sexual pleasure. Prajapati is believed to be the daughter of Daksha. She is an assistant to Lord Kamadeva. Women and girls often worship Rati for love and physical association.

God Shiva

Shiva Parvati is the most loving couple in the universe, it is also considered to be her first love marriage. Women worship Lord Shiva to get a good life partner. There is a tradition throughout the country to please Shiva for this. On Mahashivaratri and Monday, girls ask for a desired life partner.

Chandra and Shukra

Chandra means moon. The moon has been a sign of love. Do not know how many metaphors of love were created with him. How many poems were written. This has been happening for ages. Worshiping the moon gives you the same love that you wish for. By the way, Chandra Dev and Venus are considered to be the deities of the delicate senses of the mind.

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