What To Do If My Phone Screen is Flickering or Shaking

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Are you irritated with your phone screen flickering? This is a frustrating movement when you are doing an important task on your phone but the screen shakes and you aren’t able to do any activity. There are many reasons behind it such as software and hardware. Sometimes there is a setting or new update issue. We took all these issues seriously because now our phone is not just a box to do call and text; we do many tasks using our phone in our daily life. So we must do troubleshooting of all issues that happen on our Samsung a70 screen as soon as possible. In the beginning these issues are minor but as time passes they will become major and also take more money and time. In this blog you get to know the reasons behind these issues and how you can resolve a70 screen replacement yourself.

Some Reasons Behind These Problems:

  1. Sometimes your phone space is full and you need more space to run the application.
  2. There is a setting issue due to improper setting we did by mistake or some time intentionally to do experiments. 
  3. Phone companies launch new updates after sometime in a periodical manner so if you don’t update your phone then in future the compatibility issue occurs and your Samsung a70 screen screen starts shaking.
  4. Due to the installation of heavy apps as compared to the storage of phones. Then your phone hangs up and is not responding properly. This will affect your eyes and work. When you are doing work these kinds of problems creates frustration to the user. Nobody wants that after purchasing the expensive and precious gadget they will not get optimum results.
  5. Sometimes some apps require high resolution images and videos. If your phone has older graphics processing units then it will create compatibility problems.
  6. Hardware issues also happen due to problems in the LCD panel. Due to faulty screen connections screen flickering occurs. 

Before doing any kind of troubleshooting you should go through the reason and problem properly. If we don’t know, what is the problem then how can we fix it? Sometimes we try to fix but due to carelessness we make our device worse so you must know, what’s the exact problem? After getting the reasons read phone manual guidelines properly and don’t try some hardware troubleshooting on your own. For hardware troubleshooting such as a70 screen replacement you should have some expert skills and proper tool kit. This tool kit includes all tools that are required for holding the components during the troubleshooting process. So try to fix only minor issues. For major problems contact the best repair a70 screen replacement service provider in your local area.

Some Troubleshooting Tips that Help You to Fix the Phone Screen Shaking:

1. Restart your Device Forcedly:

Many problems with our phone were resolved by restarting the device. When your phone screen flickers you should hold the power button for some seconds. After restarting your phone, it starts working properly. 

2. Update your System Software: 

This issue is too common and happens even after updating. If we ignore a new update in the future there may be compatibility issues and after updating your device needs some time to adjust in a new environment it takes some time to do work smoothly. But don’t ignore the updating just go to the setting>general >software update. If you have any new update available install it and after it’s done then restart your phone. 

3. Switch off Auto Brightness: 

This function uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the phone screen. Maybe this creates an issue of screen flickering. You should switch off these features by tap on settings>display >brightness>auto- brightness click on off. After that, restart your phone.

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4. Turn on Reduce Transparency Settings: 

Reduce your transparency settings by clicking on settings >accessibility >click on reduce transparency then restart your phone.

5. Keep Clear the Space:

This problem is also too common to see because all the files, high quality  pictures, videos and apps we are using these day as per our need but we forget about the space that can’t  be increase  if we don’t  use external  storage card .these all data hang up our device ,no application  works properly , screen flickering,  and even your phone will not respond to your any command . At that time your phone is just like a box or useless material for you. It is highly suggested that you should clear all unused data from your phone. Sometimes we install many apps but don’t use them even not once. You should check your all useless apps and files and delete them periodically, weekly or monthly. 

6. Some Apps in- Built Error:

Don’t think that this screen shaking issue is due to above problems. Sometimes when we install some apps from the app store, there may be an issue in the app also so you restart your phone after turning on try another app. In many cases another app works properly in your phone so keep note which apps create these problems in your phone.

Final Words

After reading this blog we are hoping that you truly get help and get confidence to fix all your Samsung a70 screen shaking issues. It is very easy to troubleshoot all issues, only you need attention and patience. By doing your own you can save your precious money and invest in another better place. But if you have tried to use all these fixes in your gadget and didn’t get any result then you can come to Esource Parts and get your device repaired at cheap rates and big discounts. We are providing wholesale cell phone accessories, repair services, a70 screen replacement, part replacement and many more .We promise you if you come one then you will never go anywhere. We have all gadgets of latest technology, year model, design and many more. Don’t wait, just come and check our website.

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