Types Of Printed Shirts That Look Stunning With Casual Blazers

types of printed T-shirts

Are you looking for a stylish way to rock a printed shirt? The fashion industry for men can be very unpredictable. In general, the garments industry easily and rapidly changes however printed shirts for men are in fashion right now. And now you think what are the trending printed shirts, where to find them, and how to style them. We listed here for you 10 types of printed shirts to enlighten your closet. We include :

10 Types Of Printed Shirts That You Can Style Effortlessly With Blazers

To begin furthermore printed shirts for men are booming right now with various fun and elegant prints.

1. Polka Dot Print

Polka dot print can be easily paired with a black solid lower buttoned blazer. It gives you an exciting and fresh look. You must add this print to your wardrobe. It makes your personality attractive and gives you a casually rich texture. Best pair with chinos, pants, trousers, and denim. This timeless print is essential to add to your print section. It is worth purchasing and will save a lot of time spent thinking about what to wear to a party. It is easily available on every online shopping website under men’s printed shirts.

2. Floral Print

Floral printed shirt design easily styled with a solid jet black, bold blue, and untouched white blazer. This is one of the most liked men’s shirts for semi-formal, casual, and informal get together. You can jazz it up with cufflinks and formal shoes. For your best don’t forget to add a classy tie, bow, or bolo tie to look put together. And coupled with trousers, pants, chinos, and denim as color-coordinated or in contrast with a blazer. You definitely look finely opulent in this attire. 

3. Checkered print

You can effortlessly achieve the upper given look for a yacht party or to grab a drink with your friends. Take out a red textured blazer with a men’s checkered printed shirt. Best suited with white or pastel color chinos, trousers, and pants. Accessorize with a metal band watch (silver), dual-tone goggles, and a good pair of loafers. Checkered shirts praepostor for hangouts, meeting with family and friends, picnic or travel. You also paired with a pastel coloured blazer too.

4. Botanical print

Botanical print can be carried with khadi textured or soft colored textured blazers; you can easily upgrade your look with a fine metal watch. It looked amazing when paired with light or pastel-colored pants, trousers, dark-colored boots preferably brown, a hat, and a bracelet if you prefer a bracelet over a watch.


5. Vertical Line print

Vertical Line print is counted in stylish printed shirts for in the fashion industry can be easily styled with any pastel textured or soft colored textured blazers; you can easily ameliorate your look by adding a luxe quality leather watch. It is an extremely stylish look when best coupled with light, textured and super light pastel-colored pants, trousers, dark-colored boots most probably black or brown, a hat, and a bracelet if you prefer a bracelet over a watch.

6. Ikat print

Ikat print is done differently in different regions, In some areas, it is done by the technique called Bandha. Unlike in other countries colored weft threads go in the loom woven with non coloured thread to create ikat print. This process is also known as “poetry of the loom”. The Ikat printed shirt gives you a premium and classy look. You can add a light or dark coloured blazer with it. Add a quirky hat, sunglasses or goggles, brown boots, dark or light coloured trousers, pants according to the ikat print or color of your shirt to complete your look.

7. Animal print

Animal printed shirts populated in 1980 as a hyped and flashy piece of clothing in the fashion industry. They came back in 1990 as considered as minimalist clothing. Animal print is back in style nowadays it is known as party print. Mostly animal printed shirts made of silk and some kind of glisten material. Best coupled with black and blue denim, light-colored pants, trousers, and a premium quality watch.

8. Doodle print

Doodle prints are the latest in the fashion world. Doodle print firstly comes out in 2019 as an art. nowadays it is used as an illustration on garments. Are you bored with other printed shirts, try doodle printed shirts. It’s fun and quirky wear at parties, picnics, on the beach, and casual dinner with friends and family. This type of print has lots of different types of designs and patterns in them. You had a lot of variety to choose from, big print, small and micro prints. Put together with nontextured colored blazers and with contrasted color trousers, pants, and denim, add a sharp-looking watch or bracelet and sunglasses according to your preference.

9. Flora and fauna print

Flora and fauna prints are very common in men’s shirts; they never go out of fashion. Mainly the jungle print is very common in youth, in this type of printed shirt variety of prints is limitless. You can easily find this type of printed shirt online. Best coupled with light or soft and dark coloured blazers you can easily match the blazer with the color of shirts, chinos, slim fit trousers, pants, and denim. Add accessories like a watch, bracelet, a hat, and goggles if you want to brighten up the outfit.


10. Block printing

Block printing is widely liked by everyone because in this process artist art came to life through organic prints. Mostly block printing is done on cotton fabric the color payoff is best on the cotton. Block printing is mostly famous in Jaipur, Udaipur, and in other cities of Rajasthan. These prints are very appropriate to men from every age group. You can combine it with a solid light coloured blazer and khaki pants. Accessorize with the help of a leather strap watch and nice pair of shoes.

Wrapping Up: These all are trendy types of printed Shirts. We hope you find a suitable match to enhance your style.

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