10 Special Things to Stay Alive for Almost 150 years


According to Ayurveda scripture, a man’s age has been stated to be around 120 years but he can live more than 150 years with his yoga force. It is said that the normal age of ancient man was 300 to 400 years because then the atmosphere of the earth was to keep the person alive for the said time. Let’s know 10 special things to maintain longevity.

Lifestyle improvement:

The results of research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine say that only 30 percent of our genes are responsible for longevity, the rest of which is done by lifestyles. This means that you will have to change the lifestyle otherwise you will go to heaven between 70 and 80. Now know three tips.

Intake of pure air:

Ancient sages say that age is attained by pure air, air from forest trees. If you don’t have trees around your home then plant them.. To purify the air of the body, include Pranayama in your regular lifestyle.

Best food-water:

Best means vegetarian food from which the body gets all kinds of vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, etc. Also, it is important to understand the nature of water. Pure water isn’t enough so take water according to the temperature of your body. Follow the Ayurvedic rules of eating and drinking water. If you eat food obtained directly from nature then it will be very good.

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You probably know that the tortoise remains alive for about 150 years because his breathing speed is very slow and he takes pure air within himself. The speed of the turtle’s breathing and release is much longer than humans. This is the secret of the age of whale fish. This is also the secret of the age of Bud and Peepal tree. Vayu is called life in yoga. Therefore make Pranayama a part of your regular life. After learning Anulom Antonyms well, also learn Kumbhak and Kevali Pranayam.

Do yoga daily:

Learn all the activities, actions, postures, etc. of yoga as soon as possible. Then even if you regularly do asanas and perform actions when needed. It is very important that you know how compound verbs work. Compound actions are more effective than rugs.

Herbs can prevent age:

Scientists are increasingly moving towards removing the veil from the secrets of immortality. A variety of medicines and surgeries are being developed to prevent the effects of increasing age. Now Yoga and Ayurveda are also being given importance in it. A comprehensive survey conducted to prevent the effect of increasing age found that it is possible to create an age-enhancing ‘pill’. In the forests of Siberia, Russia, a drug is found called Jinxing. People of China use it more and stay young for long.

Anxiety and intoxication reduce age:

Unnecessary anxiety-debate, intoxication, craving for taste, unsympathetic food, gutka, pouches, tobacco, and cigarettes, besides over-indulgence and over-thinking, many people are starting to become premature and face them. The tone of the film has also flown. Ban all of the above.

Meditate for 5 minutes daily:

Work, anger, item, greed, anxiety, negativity, and emotionality make you suffer from the mind-brain disease. This diseased mind keeps eroding our body. Meditate only to control it.

Daily morning walk:

Many people walk for 1 hour daily in the morning. Walking is most beneficial for health. Hundred medicine is equal to 1 hour morning walk. Read more: Benefits of walking on grass in the morning.


While fasting on Thursday and Ekadashi, follow the rule of fasting for 16 hours every day. That is, do not eat and drink anything for 16 hours after dinner. Only water and coconut water can be accepted.

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