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What is email marketing?

Social email marketing helps to grow your business easily. Before we get into the details of how it works on social media and why it is so important. We must first define what email marketing actually is. Only by having a clear concept regarding this, will we be able to understand fully all other aspects that are attached to it.

Email marketing, is an internet based strategy that aims to build a bridge between companies and general public. It is a relatively new technique so to say, because it came into being after the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web. The strategy is heavily reliant upon carriers that allow people to send and receive electronic mail, which is typically called email.

What happens is that these firms and companies come up with marketing plans. Which they share with people through emails. These emails can contain things such as the concession bundles and promotional packages such as buy one get one free. They can also offer things such as free memberships for a limited time to people by following directions provided in the email. These were just a few of the possibilities hence one can clearly see now that email marketing can be used to serve a lot of different and diverse purposes.


Why is social email marketing one of the most preferred ways to contact people?

The reasons for this are quite simple. Whenever something succeeds on a scale as large as the global mailing network, then obviously there have got to be some pivotal features behind it which have made that possible. Email marketing helps to connect with social media easily.

One of the primary reasons for this is that emails are easy to send out. Sending out a marketing related email does not require any lengthy or complicated processes regardless of whether the email is being sent to one person or to hundreds of people. All that is needed is just one simple 93 email account. This account of course requires registration but once it has been made, then there are no other in between steps that need being taken.

Secondly, this is a very cost effective method. There is such a negligible cost associated with sending and receiving emails that they can practically be said to be free. The only thing that one needs to maintain an efficient mailing network is a fast and reliable internet connection especially if the total incoming and outgoing email volume is massive. Of course, firms will also need to hire someone who is capable of formulating and running the entire email marketing strategy but that is a cost that would be associated with almost any other marketing methodology as well.

Email marketing services

Since sending emails can be a significant part of your online marketing, there are services that can help you with conducting this task. The major benefits of using email marketing services include:

• Custom email designs
• Automation based on the customer behavior
• Personalization and user profiles
• Send time optimization

• Targeting options
• A/B testing
• Analytics and reporting

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