Top 10 Sleep Disorders That You Should Get Rid Off

Sleep Disorders

Here is a list of 10 sleep disorders in the world. Sleep should be a peaceful and relaxing time.

But for some people who experience sleep disturbances, sleep can be a scary thing. As we know that sleep is very important for our body. Without enough sleep, you can’t live and work well.

Sleeping won’t be a good time if you have a sleep disorder. Here’s a list of the top 10 sleep disorders in the world that you should get rid of them.

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List Of Types Of Disorders:

Nightmare Disorders

People with nightmares disorder often awaken in a cold sweat and bad memories of a terrible dream. This also will disrupt the quality of life. Because most of them are probably afraid to sleep.


Sleepwalking can be triggered by stress, not sleeping soundly, and genetics. People who sleep while walking can do anything. They understand the direction, can move the furniture or the door.

Night terrors

Shouting, thrashing, panicking, and pacing are the symptoms of people who suffer from night terror.

It is not like a nightmare that occurred during sleep, night terrors occur usually occur early in the night.

This usually occurs in children. People who experience night terror will suddenly sit up straight, eyes open, even though they did not do the view.

Drowsiness hallucinations

We’re usually to see strange things in dreams. But what if we saw him when he was not dreaming?

It is called a hypnagogic hallucination that occurs during the transition from waking. People who experience hypnagogic hallucination is usually heard voices or see strange things in their rooms.

Exploding head syndrome

Exploding head syndrome does not really blow up the head. This disruption occurs during deep sleep, when people suddenly wake up surprised by a loud noise and sharp.

Paralysis Sleep

During sleep, activity and body muscles become immobile. This temporary paralysis, although sometimes paralysis persists even after a person wakes up. Usually, sleep paralysis is accompanied by hallucinations.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

REM (rapid-eye-movement) sleep behaviour disorders occur most often in older adults and can be a symptom of Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative neurological disorder.

Sleep disorder related to food

People with this sleep disorder will eat at night. Usually, people who experience it will lose very little memory the next day. Some cases are quite dangerous because they could have used a knife or stove.


Sexsomnia or Sexual Behavior in Sleep (SBS) is a sexual habit that occurs when a person is sleeping. Sexsomnia can interfere (sexually moaning loudly), harmful (adverse masturbation) or even criminal (sexual assault or rape).


The number one sleep disorder on the list is Insomnia. This is one of the most widely known sleep disorders in the world.

Insomnia is difficulty or inability to sleep soundly. It can cause irritation and lack of concentration during the day, and long-term sleep deprivation can really be dangerous.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to obesity, high blood pressure and heart attacks, among other bad symptoms.

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