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Sanjana Sanghi was last seen in the action thriller Rashtra Kavach Om, starring Aditya Roy Kapur. The film hit theaters on July 1 but failed to do magic at the box office and earned less 10 crore on a 40 crore budget. Now that the film is released digitally, Sanjana has been frank about what she thinks she could have done differently in the film. Also read: Rashtra Kavach Om: Aditya Roy Kapur film deserves only 4 crore first weekend

Discussing what she would have liked to have done differently in the film, Sanjana says, “I’m the kind of actor and person who has always been and always has been very self-critical. So whether it was a dance performance or a school play or now my films, I always feel like I could have done a lot of things to make my character more compelling and layered, make a moment on screen more compelling and so on. But that’s for improvement only. To put it lightly, I think Kavya has always had a secret crush on Om and it would have been really nice to see them together.”

Rashtra Kavach Om is now released on Zee5 where it will start streaming on August 11th. Kapil Verma’s director hopes to join a growing list of films that have not done well at the box office but have found fans through streaming. Discussing why some films tend to work on OTT even though they fail at the box office, Sanjana Sanghi says: “The entire viewer landscape has undergone its most revolutionary transformation since the pandemic began, perhaps only comparable to the advent of television at the end of the 90s. With audiences more empowered than ever, the penchant for sitting back at home and consuming content on our own time and desire is a comfort none of us have experienced before, and now that we have it, we crave it. Unless a film offers something so uniquely cinematic that a small screen just can’t do it justice, I humbled my opinion that audiences have become increasingly vocal about their viewing preference.”

Rashtra Kavach Om also played Prakash Raj, Jackie Shroff, Bijou Thaangjam, Prachee Shah Pandya, and Ashutosh Rana. The film was formerly called Om: The Battle Within but was renamed just weeks before release. The film started badly, just earned 1.7 crore on day one, and ended its run with a lifetime collection of just over 9 crores.


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