learn google analytics


Learn Google Analytics

What is google analytics?

Google Analytics is the objective tracking, collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of quantitative web metrics data to optimize websites and web marketing initiatives. It helps to study the user behaviour on your website.

Web metrics

Web metrics are measure all parameters of websites which reflect different activities occurring on your website. If you want to know the all activities of your website then web metrics helps to analyze the data. Some examples:

  1. The number of pages served.
  2. The number of unique IP addresses that have accessed the site.
  3. The amount of time a visitor stayed on a particular page.
  4. The number of times a particular file was accessed.

Evalution of Google analytics

Just after the birth of the Internet, IT technicians started maintaining server logs. The server log files store information about parameters such as:

  1. The IP address of the visitor.
  2. The browser identifier.
  3. The operating system identifier.
  4. The referrer (website from which the request originated).

People began developing scripts to extract relevant data from the server log files in order to compile useful information. In this way, Google analytics came to life. How calculate the performance of the user and analyze the website pages, this type of problem are created. To solve this problem Google Analytics is used. This is helpful for the marketing purpose and with the help of google analytics you know the behaviour of user on your website.

Importance of google analytics

We need Google Analytics to assess the success rate of a website and its associated business. Using Google Analytics, we can −

  • Assess Goolge content problems so that they can be rectified
  • Have a clear perspective of website trends
  • Monitor web traffic and user flow
  • Demonstrate goals acquisition
  • Figure out potential keywords
  • Identify segments for improvement
  • Find out referring sources

Process of Google Analytics

The primary objective of Google Analytics is to optimize the website in order to provide better user experience, some steps of Google Analytics.

  • Define a business goal
  • Build KPI (key performance indicator)
  • Collect the data of user performance and behaviour.
  • Analyze the collection data.
  • Test alternatives
  • Implements all the process.