Importance Of Voice Search For SEO

SEO voice search

Learn about the benefits of voice search and the important role in digital marketing.

Technology is constantly advancing and, in the same way, the different tools, such as voice search, that provide us with computer solutions related to digital marketing are not left behind for a second.

This happens with the way how different online search engines manage the millions of searches that are made daily, but there is something about this that is also changing: the increase in voice search .

Voice search and the ability to assist

The search x voice emerged in 2011 with the advent of smartphones has become an everyday reference, which in turn has boosted the development of personal assistants like Siri for iOS, Google Assistant Android or Cortana in Windows , to name a few. Even Google has a microphone next to the search field, which is an indicator of how important the company is to this functionality, and it also updates its algorithm almost daily to ensure that the best results come first.

In the same way, the emergence of devices such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home , since 2015, has provided more facilities so that voice searches are no longer something experimental but also that they are part of the usual behavior of all its users.

How does all this affect SEO strategies?

Search engine developers have understood that semantic richness plays a very important role that could previously be neglected with the old written searches, but because users now make direct queries with the voice, using complete language structures, to Unlike the typical searches with simple keywords, then the algorithms are forced to also consider the context of these.

For example, during a winter afternoon at the office, you decide to look for the best option to have a coffee. While previously you typed in your favorite search engine “best coffee in town”, you may now start up your personal assistant and say “where can I find the best coffee in town?”. Now, do you see the difference?

This factor is decisive when establishing new SEO strategies to meet user demand, and the figures do not lie; For this year 2020, it is estimated that 50% of the queries will be searched x voice, and that is that more and more people prefer to speak with their devices, instead of writing.

Tips for search x voice marketing

So, to keep your website among the first results, you need to take into account the following aspects to ensure that voice SEO applied to your business is effective enough:

Keywords are more important than ever, but they must be adapted to a context. That means that keywords should now be thought of in a more natural and conventional style, so it is advisable to pay more attention to long-tail keywords.
The content must be interesting and appropriate because obviously users expect answers that are more relevant and consistent with the question they have raised.

Optimize local SEO with tools such as Google My Business, since the higher percentage of consumers who perform a local search tend to visit or call the place found within a day, which obviously becomes a greater possibility of sales.

It reaches “position 0 in Google”, which are nothing more than those squares with specific answers that appear at the beginning of the results of each search and are named after features snippets. This is achieved by optimizing the title and description of the results, which by adapting them based on the searches carried out, allow reaching this position.

Undoubtedly, voice search is already one of the main forms of regular search among users, and success is guaranteed for those who manage to evolve in time to the new behaviors that arise from them, so it is advisable to keep up to date. day with the new tools they use to feel more comfortable and develop a voice SEO that allows them to get quick and accurate answers.

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