How Much Money Does Dwayne Johnson Spend On His Diet Food Per Year?

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When it comes to his personal life, fans want to know everything about it Dwayne Johnson. This applies in particular to the commitment to health and fitness. The guy is a machine and we often wonder if he ever sleeps…

What we’ve learned about DJ is the simple fact that he’s not afraid to pay a premium for his health. Gone are the days when The Rock took over the public gym. Instead of this, He built his own gym that cost thousands upon thousands.

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Yes, the gym is very expensive and lugging it from place to place is another expense, but there’s also your diet to consider.


We take a look at what DJ eats and how much it costs per year.

Dwayne Johnson has a personal chef to help with the 4,000-6,000 calories a day

Eat like Dwayne Johnson, as others who have tried have learned is not easy and extremely exhausting. The diet consists of a series of meals each day, each containing a specific type of protein.

Given the mass of meals, DJ also needs to focus on digesting them properly. Therefore, the meals are all spread out over a period of time. Getting to 6,000 calories can be extremely tiring, but there are foods that will get the celebrity going faster.

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DJ is all about high protein foods – although some top quality cod don’t come cheap. Bison is another of his favorite options, although it’s primarily a chicken type that contains the most amount of protein.

Given his weight and requirements, DJ typically consumes around 300 grams of protein per day. For most lifters, one gram of protein per bodyweight is the norm, but yes, DJ is built differently.

He loves to cook his own meals, but the star has admitted he has a private chef to help at home. This only adds to the grand total of his outrageous food spending habits.

Dwayne Johnson spends more than $15,000 a year on groceries

complex studied the nutrition of DJs, which they called a “part-time job”. According to the publication Trying to do his diet was not only difficult to consume, but ultimately quite expensive.

On average, a DJ spends more than double the average American at $1,262 a month and $42 a day. A large sum of this goes towards his white fish consumption, particularly cod. That equates to over $15,000 a year, and we’re just talking about his dietary fare.

Feeding the kids along with his cheat meals likely doubles that number.

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Like other actors in Hollywood, we expect DJ to tone down the intensity at least a little once he’s prepared for a role. To the Black AdamWe’re assuming he was very on point with the diet to achieve that superhero look.

When the film is finished, we have no doubt that he’s still eating clean, but the calorie count needs to be reduced to at least give his mental game and digestive system a break.

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t just spend money on healthy eating

As we discussed above, DJ diets vary. Take his leg days for example, on this day of the week the actor makes sure to up his overall intake. DJ has spoken on Instagram about what he eats before this type of intense workout.

“Power breakfast before training. I’m training legs this morning so I need the energy, protein, fats, carbs and carb rush to optimize the intense workout and keep the muscles full and ready for that eventual whole kick ass I’m about to give myself become #ironparadise. Egg White 🍳Grilled Bison 🦬Avocado 🥑Oatmeal with Papaya 🥭Peanut Butter + Honey English Muffins 🥜 🍯 Pineapple Coconut.”

On the other hand, DJ also indulges in some massive cheat meals. His favorite dishes include his famous “sushi train”, classic burgers and fries, and the occasional nice bowl of pasta.

DJ also has a sweet tooth and opts for the famous “rock toast” as a dessert option. “Sinful #cheatmealssunday. French toast topped with one of my favorite cereals this week (cinnamon toast crunch), straight off the griddle with a warm cinnamon glaze 👀🔥🤪 Don’t cheat, treat yourself and ENJOY & DEVOUR your cheat meals my friends – us they deserve it.”

Yes, the guy is a machine.

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