Dia Mirza On The Latest Fashion Buzzword: THRIFTING


Miss Asia Pacific International 2000 and actress She is Mirza has always spread live sustainably in every way of life and even in fashion! The beauty queen recently shared her thoughts on the latest fringe trend on social media. According to her, “Thrifting is a great trend to maximize the use of our resources and minimize waste. People are now shopping for used, slightly worn items like clothing, but think back just a little and you’ll remember how our own grandmothers and mothers cared for vintage sarees, turned faded shirts into aprons, and didn’t even waste one scrap of cloth. Passing on carefully used clothing, books, furniture, and collectibles was a tradition in Indian families, but somehow it got caught in the cycle of consumption and waste generation.”Dia is a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador and UN secretaries-general Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals. She reveals that she buys second-hand clothes online. She said: “In vintage shops, you come across rare finds like antique lace, botanical paintings from another time, beautiful pieces of jewelry, and curios that you don’t see in regular shops. Whenever I buy something used, I feel lucky. “That something beautiful that was once loved by someone is now living on through me.”

She added: “Frugality, antiques, upcycling, repairing and maintaining things is not only fulfilling on so many levels, but it’s also good for the environment because the less waste we generate, the better it is for the planet.” I am pleased that the younger generation is now reviving the sustainability ideas of the past.”

So be economical!


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