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Set daily routine for healthy lifestyle

Everyone wants to stay healthy lifestyle in his life and they do not work hard on his body.If you want stay healthy then you need to set daily routine. People keep their lives as imbalances, so they are not healthy. If you follow these steps, you will not be ill and you will always be healthy. These are steps

1- wakeup early in the morning.

Our body remains active due early in the morning. When we get up early in the morning our mind remains fresh and all the work is easily done. And time is also saved for another work. So wake up early in the morning and stay healthy.

2- Exercise daily.

Exercise increases our body’s capacities and strengths. If you exercise daily then your body structure is also maintain and make healthy lifestyle. No need to any other medicines and extra proteins for your body. exercises like yoga, running, strech your body and other light exercises. This helps to balance your digestive system and immune system.

3- Eat healthy

Eat healthy means do not eat heavy fast foods and not eat plenty of food. Only eat light food like fruits, green vegetables or other boiled foods. Drink more and more water in a day. Food play an important role in your healthy life. If you exercise daily and not eat balance diet then no benefits for this exercise.

4- Daily play outdoor games.

Playing games is very important in your healthy life because it gives strength of your body and balance you mind level. Play games is just like as exercise the body and fresh mind exercise. So play more and more outdoor games.

5- Sleep well(Do not wake up more late in the night).

Sleep well is best for healthy life. It helps to reduce stress level and give active mind. If you sleep well then your body is recharge full and if you do not sleep well then you body is not active and your body do not able to work . So sleep well and stay healthy during whole life.

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