Routine Car Maintenance: What Should You Know?

Routine Car Maintenance

As vehicles like cars, auto are machines, they need routine maintenance. After running 5000 miles in auto, maintenance activities should come into progress. Checking your vehicle on regular notice is your benefit. You may have different brands and varieties of cars to look for. The basic part will be to check how the engine functions and how the different parts of the car work. But are you paying the vehicle mechanic for frequent maintenance or check-ups? You can help yourself in auto repair activities by following this advice. Some Vehicle…

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List of Top 7 Yamaha Bikes to buy in 2021

Yamaha bike MT

The bike brand Yamaha is primarily known for its sports bikes, although the bike has recently stepped into the commuter and scooter market in India as well. For anyone with a need for speed, Yamaha has been making some of the most powerful bikes in the mid-range. Yamaha bikes have been one of the top choices among youngsters today. If you happen to be as big of a fan of Yamaha as we are, you might be wanting to purchase one of their bikes that fits both your budget and…

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6 Important Car Service Tips During Lockdown

car service tips during lockdown, car service in home, car service during lock down

The only weapon to win the Corona Virus War is lockdown. With the nationwide lockdown which is till 3 may more reports are coming that it can be extended further. Many states have also announced to increase it. People are in their homes. In such a situation, their cars have also been kept in the house for a long time. In this situation, care of cars is also necessary If you do not take care of the car, you will have to take your car to the service center as…

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