6 Important Car Service Tips During Lockdown

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The only weapon to win the Corona Virus War is lockdown. With the nationwide lockdown which is till 3 may more reports are coming that it can be extended further. Many states have also announced to increase it. People are in their homes. In such a situation, their cars have also been kept in the house for a long time.

In this situation, care of cars is also necessary If you do not take care of the car, you will have to take your car to the service center as soon as the lockdown opens. Maruti, the country’s largest carmaker, has given some essential tips for car care during lockdown. Do you know what those tips are?

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Did not put handbrake

Those who put a handbrake on their cars during lockdown should immediately remove them. According to Auto Mobile Experts, if the vehicle is standing for more than 10-15 days, then its brake may be jammed. If you stick to the handbrake pads, you have no other way than to replace them. In such a situation, put the car gear or leave it in the parking mode. It is best to lock the wheel of the car.

Keep the tank full

If the car has been standing for a long time, the oil tank should also be kept full.. In the empty tank there is a fear of rusting along with filling air.

Do not park a place

Do not keep the car parked in one place. Keep doing it back and forth. According to experts, its tires may be flat in one place.

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Protect from the sun

If you have parked the car in a place where there is sunlight then cover it. In such a situation, his paint will not be affected. Avoid parking the vehicle in the sun as far as possible.

Keep starting car

The car has been parked long after the lockdown. Therefore it is important to start your car for two to three minutes every third day. With this the battery of the car will be fine. If you do not start the car for a long time, there is a fear of battery discharge and battery failure. Starting the car activates the entire system.

According to many automobile experts, the wiring of a car’s battery can also be disconnected, but doing so repeatedly can cause the fitting of the battery and wire connections to lose.

Keep the car started for 15 minutes

According to Maruti Suzuki, keep your car start for about 15 minutes. Do this at least once in a month. Start the car and keep its headlights on for about 30 minutes. Remove the handbrake of the vehicle and replace it with a tire stopper.

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