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Mumbai: A collaboration between Film City, D’fine Art Pvt Ltd and MOS Utility Pvt Ltd resulted in the recent inauguration of the Bollywood Theme Park within Filmcity Mumbai. The immersive theme park has quickly gained popularity among residents of Mumbai as well as visitors from other places. The park opened in April 2022 and has attracted almost 1.5 lakh visitors every month since then. This shows the allure of the park which has the potential to increase entertainment tourism in Mumbai.

Mr. Narendra Rahurikar, Managing Director of D’fine Art, “A Bollywood theme park, as many call it, was long overdue in Mumbai, the city of dreams and the heart of the film industry. It was crucial to have a distinctive place where people around the world could get as close as possible to the films. That’s why this park was developed far inside the city, actually right in Mumbai’s Filmcity, where so many films are actually made! The park took about six months to develop and will become a must-see attraction in Mumbai in the coming months. There is a lot to learn about filmmaking, editing, story writing and special effects. ”

The park allows visitors to re-enact scenes and become part of famous Bollywood lineups such as a Rajasthan Haveli set, a South Indian setup or a Goa street. Aside from that, you can test your acting and singing skills at the park’s in-house Chroma studio, where all editing is done on-site. The theme park’s main unique selling point is that it was built right in the heart of Film City, India’s filmmaking mecca.

The Bollywood theme park lets visitors immerse themselves in moments of experience that they can take with them as pictures and memories. You can also learn a lot about filmmaking, editing, story writing and special effects. The Bollywood theme park also has an educational factor as it helps students from different schools and colleges understand the art of movie set design. This can help them make informed career decisions related to film sets, design and production houses, etc.

The theme park also features authentic film sets, props, and artifacts from various films, and has something for everyone, regardless of age. There is something for everyone here, from 4 to 80 years.


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