Benefits of Beer


Incredible Benefits of beer

Drinking a beer is more benefits than other alcoholic drinks. When we drink a beer, it provide more nutrition to our body. It also control the colesterol of our body, so beer is good for health. It can help to protect from heart problems. Doctor also says that it is more beneficial to remove kidney stone. If you drink beer in limit then it is more helpful for your digestive system. Beer is healthiest thing for our body. It has more advantage and less disadvantage. Beer is beneficial for

1- It reduce your stress problem.
2- It is beneficial for digestive system.
3- It control colesterol level in our body.
4- It provide more nutrition to our body.
5- Help to reduce kidney stone.
6- helpful to control diabetes.
7- It increase the bone density.
8- It is helpful to control blood pressure.
9- Beer can cure insomnia.
10- Beer might cure cancer.

Interesting Things About Beer You Must Know


Everyone is aware of the beer word This is the most fame among the youth, whether it is a marriage or a party, and no party starts without it. Now people drinking beer is becoming fashionable and people have become crazy for it. But today we are going to tell you the things related to beer, you hardly have read or heard somewhere. So read some interesting things related to beer.

1- Every time 0.7 percent of the world’s people are drinking beer, that is, still 50 million people are drinking beer.

2- The world’s largest beer has 67.5 percent alcohol.
Do you know that lazy people like beer most?

3- In the Netherlands, the streets are cleaned by giving beer to alcoholics.

4- By 2013, beer was not considered alcoholic beverage in Russia.

5- In the 1970s, there were also beer in the school canteens in Belgium.

6- In Finland, the winner is given a beer equal to the weight of the wife who wins the championship.

7- Alcohol is made from banana in Africa.

8- A temple has been built in Thailand with 10 million beer bottles.

9- In Egypt, beer is used as a money.

10- When the scientist Neil Boar won the Nobel Prize in 1992, beer was supplied to his home pipes in his honor.

11- In 1963, beer bottles were made such that people could use them as bricks

12- Bitter and dark beer have more alcohol.

13- In Austria, you can swim in the beer swimming pool.

14- Beer is the most drunk beverage after water and tea.

15- Scientists believe that beer protects against kidney stones.

16- It’s a bane to show beer at the TV in America.

17- The world’s most expensive beer is ‘Will Bone Securities’, which has a bottle of US $ 1000.

18- Today there are 400 types of beer in the world, which has the largest beer brands in Belgium.

19- There was a provision of punishment for bad wine makers in Babylonia.

20- Do you know that lazy people like beer most?

21- The above foam which forms the beer is made due to the carbon dioxide. Having more foam in beer is a sign of good quality.

22- Beer strengthens bones, it contains silicon which increases calcium in the bone.

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