First Film Release on Coronavirus (2019-2020), Read the Story

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Movie name: Corona ZombiesDirector: Charles BandInspired by: 2019-2020 Corona-virus Pandemic Right now the whole world is suffering from the outbreak of Coronavirus. Due to this epidemic, everyone’s life has been in turmoil. Every business has come to a standstill. It has also had a bad impact on the entertainment industry. No new film has been released since time. But now a film has been released. The film is made on top of Corona Wire. The name of this film is ‘Corona zombies‘. It is an American Horror Comedy movie that…

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6 Important Car Service Tips During Lockdown

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The only weapon to win the Corona Virus War is lockdown. With the nationwide lockdown which is till 3 may more reports are coming that it can be extended further. Many states have also announced to increase it. People are in their homes. In such a situation, their cars have also been kept in the house for a long time. In this situation, care of cars is also necessary If you do not take care of the car, you will have to take your car to the service center as…

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